The Yadeck card: a unique digital object

Each card features an artist and one of his projects.
Watch out for scarcity, project certifications, but also the status, label, and department the artist represents.

Match the right cards week after week** and become the leader of the league!

The unique card Yadeck

Yadeck cards have four levels of rarity

The scarcer the card, the more powerful it becomes!

Collector card
Collector card


1000   units
Power :  
Carte power 1
Supreme card
Supreme card


100   units
Power :  
Carte power 2
Epic card
Epic card


10   units
Power :  
Carte power 3
Prismatic card
Prismatic card


1   units
Power :  
Carte power 4

Composition of a card

The project of a card

Rapper's album

Each card showcases the artist and one of his projects (albums, mixtapes, EPIs)
Play the card of his record-breaking Album and score the most points.

The status of a card

Career Status

Career status is assigned to each artist according to the number of successful projects they have released throughout their career.
Place your bets on the up-and-coming rappers and you might just be able to change the color of your card!
Every status is important in Yadeck, click below to find out more.

The certification of a card

Music recording Certification

This is the official SNEP certification awarded to the card's music project based on cumulative sales: gold record, a platinum record, double platinum, triple platinum, diamond, etc.
The higher the certification, the more powerful your card becomes.
With each new certification received, upgrade your card and you will have the best chance to win the competitions!

the department of a card

Represented Departments

Within the league, each artist represents his own department (or his country for French-speaking artists outside France)
Play the artists of the same department to get bonus points in the game.

The label of a card

Record label

The record label that produces the Album is listed on each card.
Combine cards from the same label to unlock bonus points in the game.

The number of a card

Card Numbers

Each card is unique and numbered.
The number of units of a card depends on its level of rarity.

  Collector Cards: 1000 units

  Supreme Cards: 100 units

  Epic Cards: 10 units

  Prismatic Card: 1 units

Upgrade your card

You bet on the right card, kudos!

Every time your card gets a new certification or changes status, upgrade it to increase its powers!


Exclusive contents offered

Envoy exclusive contents of your favorite artists by buying their card (concert tickets, merchandising, backstage access, and many other surprises...)


A digital card in NFT format

Using blockchain-based technology, your card is certified unique and you’re the official owner.

Each card holds a unique number (e.g. 3/10) and identifier on the blockchain (e.g. Token ID 347...862) this tracks all the transactions since the card was first created.

Circulation of the cards

New release

Keep track of Album releases

Whenever an artist member of the Yadeck league has a new project in the works, a new dedicated card edition is auctioned on Yadeck.
Being notified

Stay tuned

New cards are released gradually. Don't miss out on the upcoming auctions of your favorite artist, allow Yadeck notifications on your device.

Resell, buy more

Your card gained value? Resell it now and grab new ones on the second-hand market! Check out Opensea, the reference platform for trading NFTs.
Cards overview

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