Earn weekly prizes

Compete against other players based on the actual performance of the artists in your crew.

The game
Build your deck

Create your 5-card deck

Bet on which artists will be the most successful in the upcoming week by playing their cards in your deck.
Match artists from the same label or department for bonus points!

Go head-to-head with other players every week

Competitions are held every week, based on the artists' performances over the next 7 days.
Follow the artists and their latest releases to be ahead of the game and anticipate the next hits!

Ranking of a competition

Earn points on the sales performance of your artists

The official SNEP rankings published every week will determine the number of points earned by your cards (if your artist makes it to the official Albums and Singles charts, certifications)
Power up

Multiply the power of your cards when you upgrade them

Play your cards to gain experience points and level them up. Every time you level up, you'll get a point multiplier for competitions!
Special bonus

Earn points with special bonuses

Match artists from the same department or label and increase your chances of winning with special bonuses!
Orange Card
White Card
Orange Ether
White Ether
Orange Euro
White Euro

Win exceptional prizes

Every week, we’ll be spoiling the best players with special prizes: Ether, rare Yadeck cards, and loads of other fun stuff.

The first competition is right around the corner